Evan-Moor Word Family Stories and Activities A,B,C ,D ( 4 books)

Word Family Stories and Activities, Level A, B,C ,Dmake it fun and easy to practice predictable patterns within words. The engaging reproducible stories and activities help students make connections with word sounds and spelling patterns. By learning to recognize familiar parts of words, students rapidly increase their reading vocabulary, leading to a positive reading experience. The word family words are made meaningful in the context of engaging, often humorous stories. The comprehension and vocabulary pages take students beyond word recognition, providing practice with test-type comprehension questions and word meaning. Reproducible word-list sliders encourage repeated practice of the word families, leading to increased oral reading fluency. An easy-to-use answer key of reduced pages is also included.

✔️144 страницы
✔️Размер 21*27.5cm
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