Oxford Reading tree. Helping your Child to read (Levels 1-3) (33 Books)

Набор Oxford из 32 книг. Плюс книга для учителя. 80% primary schools Великобритании учат детей читать именно по этой программе.

✔️Формат 20.3 X 16.7cm
✔️24 страницы в каждой книге
✔️Мягкая обложка

Titles in this collection (33)
Biff's Fun Phonics
Kipper's Rhymes
The Pancake
A Good Trick
Mum's New Hat
Picnic Time
Win a Nut
A Yak at the Picnic
Helping Your Child To Read
The Red Hen
Poor Old Rabbit
Super Dad
I am Kipper
The Backpack
Floppy Did This
Up You Go
Floppy's Fun Phonics
Get On
Such a Fuss
Kipper's Alphabet I Spy
Six in a Bed
The Sing Song
Funny Fish
Silly Races!
Cat in a Bag
Biff's Wonder Words
The Snowman
I Can Trick a Tiger
Floppy and the Bone
Dad's Birthday
Chip's Letter Sounds
The Fizz-Buzz
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