Step into READING. Level 1+ Step into reading. Level 2 (30+30 books)

Книги написаны простыми словами с рифмой, иллюстрации помогают понять смысл написанного. Каждая книга имеет свой незамысловатый сюжет.
Книги отлично подходят для деток, которые хотят научиться читать

✔️Переплет: мягкий
✔️Размер книг:15.2 x 0.4 x 22.9 cm
✔️24 страницы

Book Titles:
1.Happy Alphabet!: A Phonics Reader 2.Mouse Makes Words 3.I Like Stars 4.I Like Bugs 5.Wheels! 6.Boats 7.Too Many Cats 8.Too Many Dogs 9.Hot Dog 10.Hot and Dog 0 11.Tae Kwon Do! 12.Bear Hugs 13.Cat Traps 14.Panda Kisses 15.City Cats, Country Cats 16.Ducks Go Vroom 17.Flip Flop! 18.Dancing Dinos 19.Dancing Dinos Go to School 20.Big Egg 21.Corn Aplenty 22.Sunshine, Moonshine 23.The Snowman 24.The Snowball 25.Dragon Egg 26.Watch Your Step, Mr. Rabbit! 27.Sleepy Dog 28.The Lion and Mouse 29.Jack and Jill and Big Dog Bill 30.The Pup Speaks up

Titles in Step 2:

1.Ready? Set. Raymond!2. Honey Bunny's Honey Bear3. Barn Storm4. Snow Wonder5. A Dollar for Penny6. Bones7. Five Silly Fisherman8. A Monster is Coming!9. Tiger is a Scaredy Cat10. David and the Giant11. Beef Stew12. Platypus!13. Silly Sara14. One Hundred Shoes15. Peanut16. Unicorn Wings17. My Loose Tooth18. Oh, My Pumpkin Pie!19. Whose Foot?20. Monster Parade21. Bear's Big Ideas22. Dinosaur Babies23. Sir Small and the Dragonfly24. My New Boy25. The Teeny Tiny Woman26. Cat in the Hat27. All Stuck Up28. Wake Up, Sun!29. Mice Are Nice30. Mary Clare Likes to Share
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