Oxford reading Tree 7-9 (40 Books)

Набор Oxford из 40 книг. Плюс книга для учителя. 80% primary schools Великобритании учат детей читать именно по этой программе.

✔️Формат 20.3 X 16.7cm
✔️24 страницы в каждой книге
✔️Мягкая обложка

Titles in this collection:
The willow Pattern Plot
The Riddle Stone (part 1)
The Lost Key
Lost in Jungle
The Flying Machine
The Big Brekfast
The Riddle Stone (part 2)
The Broken Roof
The Hunr for Gold
Yhe Jigsaw Puzzle
The Bully
The Motorway
A sea Mystery
Roman Adventure
The Power Cut
Red Planet
Submarine Adventure
Australian Adventure
The Evil Genie
The Rainbow Machine
Egyptian Adventure
The Kidnappers
Viking Adventure
Save Floppy!
Pocket Money
A day in London
What was it like?
Victorian Adventure
The Quest
The Litter Queen
The Blue Eye
Key Trouble
The Finest in the Land
Dutch Adventure
Green Island
Storm Castle
Survive Adventure
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