Oxford Dictionaries+Encyclopedia set ( 8 books)

OXFORD Phonics Spelling Dictionary

This unique dictionary makes it easy to explain how 'sun' and 'Cinderella' both start with the 's' sound and how 'dance' has the same 's' sound at the end, while 'egg' and 'eat' start with the same letter but different sounds. With colourful illustrations by Alex Brychta and the familiar Oxford
Reading Tree characters, this is a fun way to prepare for the phonics screening check.

OXFORD First Therasus

The all new Oxford First Thesaurus, with new contemporary 3D artwork and easy-to-use page design, is the best thesaurus for children in their early school years. It is powered by the Oxford Children's Corpus, a unique electronic database of millions of words of writing for children.

OXFORD First Dictionary

This dictionary has been updated to support the new school curriculum requirements. Suitable as an introduction to words for children aged five and upwards, it offers headwords in colour illustrations and has the alphabet listed on every page.

OXFORD First Illustrated Dictionary

The Oxford First Illustrated Dictionary, beautifully illustrated by well-known picture book artist Emma Chichester Clark, is the perfect first building block for 5-7 year-olds to engage with words and language. Over 2000 entries give clear meanings and definitions, parts of speech, word forms, word families, synonyms and opposites to build vocabulary and first literacy skills.

OXFORD Children's Colour Dictionary

The Oxford Children's Colour Dictionary is a paperback edition of The Oxford Junior Dictionary. The text, 6000 headwords accompanied by simple definitions and examples, is supported by colour illustrations throughout.

OXFORD First Picture Dictionary

Over 500 words are listed in alphabetical order and each word is explained with a useful, funny or interesting phrase. The antics of Val Biro's monkeys, cats, mice, frogs along with many other characters, illustrate the words making this a friendly introduction to first dictionary skills.

OXFORD Visual Dictionary of Animals

New in the internationally successful Visual Dictionary series, the Oxford Visual Dictionary of Animals introduces animals from around the world through highly illustrated dynamic spreads in thematic sections. There are over 1,500 words and incredible 3D artwork. All the animals are labelled, so that children can learn the names for their favourite animals and expand their vocabulary.

OXFORD First Encyclopedia

The Oxford First Encyclopedia takes young readers on a fascinating journey of discovery. A fantastic guide to the world we live in today, this new edition has been fully revised and updated. The books is comprised of seven sections covering topics including: My Body, People and Places, The Arts, The Earth, Animals and Plants, Science and Technology and The Universe. An ideal resource for young readers curious about the world they live in.
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