Mr.Men Complete Collection (50 books in a box +CD)

50 книг в боксе + CD 

Легендарный набор про человечков с говорящими именами 
Восхитительная лексика, лёгкая грамматика и отличный слог

This delightful set features the complete 50 title collection of timeless "Mr. Men" stories. As well as the much loved classic titles "Mr. Bump", "Mr. Tickle", "Mr. Strong", and "Mr. Messy", you can now enjoy the exciting new addition of "Mr. Nobody". "Mr Men" are an enduring childhood favourite and are brought together in this fantastic box set for the first time.

✔️Переплет: мягкий
✔️Возраст: 3+
✔️Размер: книги 14x12.7cm

The collection includes:
Mr Lazy
Mr Bounce
Mr Bump
Mr Fussy
Mr Wrong
Mr Sneeze
Mr Slow
Mr Strong
Mr Grumpy
Mr Mischief
Mr Cool
Mr Rude
Mr Messy
Mr Silly
Mr Uppity
Mr Cheerful
Mr Impossible
Mr Mean
Mr Rush
Mr Muddle
Mr Worry
Mr Dizzy
Mr Small
Mr Chatterbox
Mr Daydream
Mr Brave
Mr Quiet
Mr Clums
Mr Topsy-Turvy
Mr Grumble
Mr Jelly
Mr Good
Mr Perfect
Mr Forgetful
Mr Skinny
Mr Funny
Mr Birthday
Mr Tickle
Mr Busy
Mr Noisy
Mr Nosey
Mr Clever
Mr Greedy
Mr Snow
Mr Nonsense
Mr Happy
Mr Nobody
Mr Tall
Mr Christmas
Mr Men 12 Days of Christmas
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