Robert Munsch set (23 books)

Telling stories is what Robert Munsch does - and loves best. From the first time he stood in front of a group of children as a student teacher at nursery school in 1972, his jaunty, animated presentation grabbed hold of the imaginations of his listeners and he hasn't let go since.

✔️Переплет: мягкий
✔️Размер: 21*25
✔️Страницы: 32 страниц в каждой книге
✔️Возраст: 5+

1. Aaron's Hair
2. Smelly Socks
3. Boo!
4. Zoom!
5. Put Me in a Book
6. More Pies!
7. Andrew's Loose Tooth
8. Get Out of Bed
9. We Share Everything!
10. No Clean Clothes
11. Lighthouse
12. I'm So Embarrassed!
13. Look at Me!
14. The Sandcastle Contest
15. Down the Drain
16.Alligator Baby
17. Ribbon Rescue
18. Up, Up, Down
19. Playhouse
20. Just One Goal!
21. Mmm, Cookies!
22. Makeup Mess
23. Class Clown

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